You've found the home of Canada’s Original Hemp Topical! We've been making a variety topical hemp products for two decades and we've seen what works and what people need. The product started out with the traditional cannabinoids, THC and CBD, but the terpenes found in hemp were more effective topically than those.  β-caryophyllene, a terpene found in hemp essential oil is a potent cannabinoid that relieves pain and inflammation and has replaced these compounds. Coupled with our blend of essential oils Bud Rub is a very effective topical remedy.  If you haven't tried Bud Rub, order some today and find out why so many people rave about the product. See our Testimonials Page.

For years, out here on the North End of Vancouver Island, people have been using Bud Rub to sooth that over-worked muscle and take the ouch out of that aching joint. People who work hard, who work with their hands, and people who look for a natural remedy to sooth and comfort: These are the people who have come to find Bud Rub is a standard personal item. 

Here in Alert Bay, the home of Bud Rub, carving is a way of life for many artists.  Masks, Totem Poles, and Canoes are a common sight. Creating these impressive pieces is hard work and takes a toll on both hands and backs.  Many an artist here reach for Bud Rub to sooth that aching back or sore and tired hands. 

And now, you can enjoy the soothing relief too! We are available at many retail locations across Canada and are sold online too.

Just massage in a little of the Rub and let it sooth your aches and pains.

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