Our website is undergoing some changes.  Check back soon to see our new look.  

You can still order from us though!

Just click on the Hemp Care Store link above and place your order.

Look for our product under a new name in the very near future.  Bud Rub, also known as BC Bud Rub,  will remain the same product, but will better reflect our First Nations' ownership and territory in which we operate.  Bud Rub is made in the 'Namgis First Nations territory in the Village of Alert Bay.  Our new name will be Palawas, the Kwakwala word for flowers.  Our product is derived primarily from many flowering botanicals and we plan to have all our future products similarly derived. 

I'd like to take this opportunity to clarify a few things about our salve.  We rely solely on terpenes and it does not contain any illegal (under Canadian Law) ingredients or ingredients regulated under the new Cannabis Act.  This product can be carried with you anywhere.

David Faren